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Midnight’s Redemption by Isobelle Cate
Cynn Cruors book 9

A Cynn Cruor warrior who pays the ultimate price bumps into the woman he knows is destined for him. But how can he give her the love he has when both the Cynn Cruors and the Scatha Cruors want him dead?
Mackenzie Butler, a former Scatha Cruor, has been incarcerated in The Hamilton’s dungeon for the last four years while he is being treated by Firebinders Faith Hannah and Marek Bannach. When an opportunity to escape The Hamilton’s Faesten arises, he takes it to fulfil one mission: the eradication of the Scatha Cruors in Leeds. But there is a sexy spanner in the works: Jasmine Angelico.
The woman who immediately owns his heart.
As Jasmine prepares for her holiday, she and her dog, Mutt are abducted… though abduction might not be the right word. Her unusual abductor whisks her away from the very people she believes are guilty of her family’s murder. Trapped in her kidnapper’s house, she gets to know Mack Butler more than she should. It’s just too bad that her heart is compromised when she falls for her handsome and enigmatic kidnapper.
A deadly secret is revealed that leads to a fight for the right to claim Jasmine. Sacrifices must be made to keep the peace within the ranks of the Cynn Cruors.
Jasmine and Mack may not have a chance to find their happily ever after…

This is the 9th book in the Isobelle Cate’s Bestselling Cynn Cruors Bloodline Series.
CONTENT WARNING: This story contains adult language and sexual situations and intended for audiences 18+ ONLY

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