Storms of Summer

Noemi Cruz is a woman who is blessed with beauty, intelligence, and money. After losing her parents and her grandparents, she and her brother have inherited a nice sum of money and an old Brownstone in one of the swankiest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, NY. Life isn’t perfect, but as long as they have each other, she can live with it. That is until her brother and his family move to Silent Creek, NY, a county in the upstate country region.

Noemi, who is a self-described city girl and could never imagine living anywhere else, finds herself in Silent Creek when she has to visit her brother and drop off her precocious twelve-year-old niece. When her car breaks down on the way to his house, the town’s sexiest man, Alex Knight, comes to her rescue. Alex is a former professional baseball player who owns the town horse ranch with his father, but he isn’t the best businessman. His biggest flaw is taking in horses when their owners cannot pay for their upkeep. This puts the ranch in jeopardy but Alex doesn’t care, all he wants to do is help horses in need. Ranching, fishing, and riding his motorcycle are what makes him happy. When he meets Noemi, he knows he wants to make sure she doesn’t leave. Seeing the type of sass she has, he challenges her to stay. Will Noemi change her mind or will she head back to Brooklyn where she already has a life waiting for her?

Storms of Summer isn’t just a story about lust and love. It’s also a story about family and how much you are willing to give up and take on when you are needed during a tragic event. It is a story about a brother and sister who lean on each other when times are hard and who come to realize that even though they have been dealt more than their share of tragedies, they still have each other.

Storms of Summer is a story that will resonate with many for years to come.


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