❤👄👠 The EngageMINT Ring 👠👄❤
Tiffany Carby Marie Ahls

Romance #ContemporaryRomance #ShopSeries #CrazyInk


Nik and Noey. Married.
Gage and Lydia. Engaged.
Brooke and Tricky. Engaged and pregnant.
Teagan. Single…and lonely.

Noey’s younger sister, Teagan Smitt, had it all going for her: the looks, the style, the disposition. But she’s as single as a one dollar bill. Men date her, even take her home and out a few more times after that, but nothing ever becomes of her relationships.

Teagan was starting to think she was broken.

The men in the Eastwood family decided the ladies needed a getaway, and they would enjoy the bachelor life while they were gone. An elaborate GIRLS ONLY vacation leads three ladies in very committed relationships and one single gal on a trip with one goal: Teagan’s relationship status being upgraded from single to taken. Luxury spa treatments, massages, Bellini’s by the pool, throw in some mischief at the Sex Shop across the street and they are bound to be successful.

With any luck, she might even end up with an Engagemint ring…


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