Author Kimolisa Mings

What happens in the party stays in the party…

Or does it?

At the ultra exclusive, ultra secret Eros Bacchanales, pleasure is what party-goers seek, but it doesn’t always turn out the way they planned.


She doesn’t belong here. No one looks like her. No one is looking at her. She should go. She’s going.

But on the way out, Lativia is scooped up by a man who she swears would never give her a passing glance.

What does he want from her? Where is he taking her?

When she finds out, will Lativia still want to leave the Bacchanale?

What (S)He Wants

He wants me to do what!?!

With who?!?

What is my husband thinking, asking my coworker to sleep with me?

What am I thinking, going along with this crazy idea?


There is only one reason why she comes out to play.

But the reason why there should only be one session in the Bacchanale’s dungeon is the reason why she will return to the man with a secret that can upturn her everyday life.

Escape to the world of the Eros Bacchanales in these three erotic short stories.

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