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What is a girl to do when life screws her over?

Find a better position.

Like Kade trying to manipulate the situation to benefit him. I see you and your rogue ways and I up you one. I just hope it doesn’t backfire.

Or Liam and that dirty little secret he has up his sleeve. Oh, Prince Charming, don’t worry, I see you too, and I accept you.

Athos, sometimes the key to happiness is letting go.

Christian, well, my knight I may just have to push you down a peg or two and then catch you.

Nix. Nix. Nix. I think it’s past time you step up to the plate and stop hiding from the alpha within. One way or another, I’ll tease him right out of you.

So how does a gal make her mates see themselves the way she sees them? By turning the tables and throwing their antics right back at them. That’s how, and I am up for the challenge. With the council breathing down our necks, we will have to become united and fight as one. That means healing the wounds of our past and seducing them to close forever.

The power of Artemis flows in my veins, and it’s time I use it to my advantage.

**Reverse Harem/Why Choose Romance
**Book 3 of 4
**Slow to Medium Burn
**Language 18+
**Cliffhanger (Sorry Not Sorry)


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