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REBEL ROOK by Ren Alexander releasing March 25, 2021.


Ren Alexander’s Rebel Rook is a provocative, riveting, and poignant
contemporary romance written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes
Worlds project.

Dylan McGrath, a rookie cop with something to prove and everything to lose.

Dumped. There, I said it. The day after my twenty-first birthday, my girlfriend
of two years ditched me in front of an audience. Drowning my sorrows in a
park, a cop throws me into the back of a cruiser. It’s not my first ride or my
greatest achievement, angering legendary law enforcement swarming my
family tree, but who cares? Smelling fresh blood, self-righteous, law-abiding
family and friends gang up on me, drawing a line in the sand. Doing the
unthinkable yet inevitable, we strike a deal, but not without a fight.

Graduating from the police academy, I clash with field training officers who
hand me off faster than a live grenade. Though my job is to enforce laws, I
love to break the rules and refuse to follow any leader. On the verge of
embarrassing the revered Malones again, I’m reassigned to the Dragon, a
tough sergeant who hates me for existing on her dime.

Vowing to nail training, a gorgeous waitress blows that notion to smithereens.
Distrusting the police, Natalia Welch wants nothing to do with me. Because of
her horrific past, I’m told to steer clear or fail training. But I can’t, and Natalia
and I grow closer until she freaks out about our small age difference. However,
the more she avoids me, the more we crave each other, leading to a passionate
explosion that could end my career or her life.

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