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There are four Schooled trilogies out there, each based around a different species or challenge. All are set at SearchLight Academy and involve students and teachers finding their HEA.

Dragon Schooled: a box set centered around three holidays (Halloween, Christmas, and Chinese New Year), these three stories feature dragons and the humans who love them.

Wolf Schooled: three individual books focused on an attack on SearchLight Academy campus.

Featuring my first transgender novella, Midnight Sons.

Fae Schooled: three books in one box set, revolving around the aftermath of Wolf Schooled. I do suggest you read Wolf Schooled first.

Para Schooled: “Para” being short for “paratransit”, which is the bus for the disabled in the US, these three books, released individually, are concerned with disabled people and the people they fall for. Werewolf’s Choice (Para Schooled 1) is already out, and Para Schooled 2: Dark’s Lover is coming to Changeling Press and Amazon soon.

Amazon link for Dragon Schooled:
Amazon links for the three Wolf Schooled books:
Wolf Schooled 1: Midnight Sons
Wolf Schooled 2: Tainted Son
Wolf Schooled 3: Outcast Son
Amazon link for Fae Schooled:
Amazon link for Para Schooled 1: Werewolf’s Choice
Amazon link for Para Schooled 2: Dark’s Lover


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