Author Isobelle Cate

Midnight’s Secret

This is not your ordinary love story.

The happy ever after will come later…one hundred sixty-nine years after.
Arabella Strachan and Herod D’Argyle.
Star crossed lovers from the start.
Love was given to them only for a moment.
Before loyalty tore them apart.
Then the gods took pity and allowed them to find each other again.

My Review:

Midnight’s Secret is not your typical love story because it is more of a lesson in finding happiness and letting it go. Herod D’Argyle and Arabella Strachan are soulmates. They understand and accept each other. They have an incredible instant connection. Arabella brings hope and happiness to Herod’s soul. She is the only person that can save him.

Arabelle is a beautiful young lady that knows what she wants and goes for it. She stands up for what she believes in. Arabelle is the star of this story and the one that suffers the most. She is a strong lady who followed her heart and found love.

I understand why Herod did what he did. I can’t entirely agree with him, but I know that he is on a vital mission that he needs to complete. I understand his need to have a piece of happiness; even if it was for only a short time, he could have love and a family.

This story teaches you to take a step back and enjoy. Love and family are what make us fight. Sometimes sacrifices must be made to keep our loved ones protected.

Herod was making sure that they were protected. Herod was a true hero because he did everything in his powers to protect them and finish his mission even at the cost of his own heart.

This book will have you hooked, it’s a roller coaster ride of many emotions. I would highly recommend it to everyone.


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