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It’s difficult for Siena Moretti to believe in love. Broken, she leaves her beloved San Francisco for a reprieve at her family’s winery where things will be simple, easy, and quiet. There’s just one problem: the peaceful solitude she craves is interrupted when Michael Blaire comes to town.

Michael Blaire arrives in Monarch focused on one thing: Build the hotel, get the winery, make his father happy. He doesn’t have time for any complications. Definitely no time for lusting after a woman. That is, until he meets Siena. Trying to fight his desire for the hazel eyed vixen next door, Michael’s job becomes more difficult than originally anticipated.

This hard-headed, uncompromising duo clash from day one, both unwilling to give up what they want or what they believe in. Michael has a job to do and Siena has a heart to repair and a life to get back on track. Stubborn and resistant to change, they find their lives entwined…in more ways than one.

My Review:

Entwined is a fantastic love story. Michael Blaire and Siena Moretti have an exciting relationship. He’s focused on getting the hotel up and running. Siena is back after a horrible breakup. They are not looking for love; however, they can’t avoid the attraction they have for each other.

The stars of this story are Siena’s cool grandparents. They bring fun and joy to this story. They guide and help all the characters and bring so much love to everyone around.

Michael and Siena are a great couple, and they have a way of making each other open up and show the side they have been hiding and protecting. They are perfect for each other.

A beautiful love story that shows us the power of love can heal your heart with the right person by your side. I enjoyed this fantastic story and highly recommend it.


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