Shadows of Fire Review

Shadows of Fire

When the invitation to the Gloaming arrives, Lexi can’t believe that she, a half vampire, has been invited to enter the dark fae realm.
Her first trip to a Shadow Realm isn’t one she’ll soon forget once she meets Cole, a dark fae prince.

Fresh from the war that ravaged the mortal realm and devastated his family, Cole is struggling to piece his life back together when he encounters Lexi. He has always identified more with his dark fae side, but when her presence awakens the lycan part of him, Cole is unable to resist his attraction to her.

When the hostile tension between the different immortals erupts, Lexi flees the Gloaming for the mortal realm. Once home, she’s certain she’ll never see Cole again. She’s proven wrong when tragedy strikes. Lexi is unable to turn Cole away… even if helping him puts her in danger.

Can their growing love survive the cruelty of the Shadow Realms, or will they be the next to fall?

Enter the Shadow Realms. A world where vampires feast, lycans love deeply, dark fae seduce, witches cast their spells, dragons rule the skies… and treachery lurks around every corner.

My Review:

Any book from Brenda K Davis is highly addictive and will have you wanting more. Shadow Fire is absolutely a great start to a new series. I was transported on a fantastic adventure full of danger, love, survival, and lots of love.

I love Cole. He is a very lovable character. I love how protective and loving he is to his family. They are mighty alpha warriors with hearts of gold.

Lexi and Cole have an instant attraction and connection. I love how Lexi pushes Cole to show his feelings. They are so sweet together.
A perfect match of hearts. I loved their chemistry. Lexi is stronger than she knows. i love her compassion and the way she does what needs to be done fiercely.

I can’t wait to continue reading this series.


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