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đź–¤Title: Chasing Lies (Book #3in the Demons and Lies series)
đź–¤Author: Scarlet Le Clair
đź–¤Designed by: Shower Of Schmidt

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Madelyn Connery

Maddy is both excited and nervous to find out that she’s pregnant. And though telling her father and Alyssa had been worrying, her mind was occupied with thoughts of her demon mother still on the loose.

With Digby throwing himself into his family business, preparing for the new challenge of fatherhood, Maddy finds herself worrying alone more often than not, despite knowing Digby would do anything to protect her and his unborn child.

Chris Connery

As the weeks pass, keeping his family together and safe seems to be getting harder and harder, especially after the loss of a close friend.

To try to distract himself and Alyssa from their trials and tribulations, they try to plan for their own future but betrayal from someone close threatens their whole family.

Will they ever get their happily ever after or will the demons finally succeed in ripping apart all that Chris holds dear?


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