Author Lyra Winters

Crimson Tears (The Crimson Demon Book 1)
by Lyra Winters

Death didn’t scare Lilith Whitlock. At the ripe age of twenty, she preferred to take whatever life threw at her, and if death was a curveball, she’d catch it.

What she didn’t expect was for impending death to be stalled by being transformed into a vampire.

With sharp, pointy teeth and a hunger for blood, Lilith adapted to her new life. Befriending three hot vampires with a mission to maintain balance had something to do with that, but the paranormal world wasn’t perfect.

Especially when she learned creating new vampires was illegal. Now, she had to prove herself as indispensable to the Order of the Void, or she’d be obliterated from existence.

No one mentioned that being a new-blood came with a looming threat and imminent danger.

Crimson Kiss (The Crimson Demon Book 2)
by Lyra Winters

In a couple of months, Lilith Whitlock had gone from human to vampire to demon. Turned out, she was destined for more than human life all along. She was Lilith… Mother of demons. Yep. That Lilith.

With all of her memories intact and four protective supernatural men by her side, she was more than ready to take on the prophecy everyone kept blabbing on about.

Balance was skewed all because of her murder half a millennium ago. Now, the realms were collapsing into each other, causing natural disasters all over. The scales tipped toward evil in the living realm, and The Crimson Demon was the only one capable of stopping it.

On top of saving the world, her temperamental vampires had one Hell of an adjustment period to the news of who Lilith actually was.

No pressure, right?

Crimson Soul (The Crimson Demon Book 3)
by Lyra Winters
Releasing on August 26, 2021

Lilith Whitlock was destined for a Hell of a lot more than she bargained for. Her being The Crimson Demon entailed immense power, and the longer it took her to figure out exactly what that meant, the more danger she was in.

The enemies she’d faced until now were pawns. With a puppet master pulling the strings, a malicious threat loomed over her, and there was nothing her four supernatural men could do to stop it.

Once her true nature was exposed, she was taken to Heaven and locked away. Lilith was a weapon stronger than anything in all the realms, but with her magic sealed, she was at the mercy of the angel that ended her life a millennium and a half ago.

What they didn’t realize was that Lilith was no one’s weapon. She was her own being, and she would slaughter anyone standing in between her and the men she loved.

As soon as she gained access to her powers again.


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