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Dark Possession-Book 3 in the Dark Desire Series

For over 200 years, Sebastian has served his kind as the best tracker ever bred for the Enforcers. Until the night of his Taking ceremony. With his bonded, his mate, stolen from him, Sebastian drowns himself in sorrow and blocks everything from his mind but the need to hunt—desperate heart be damned
Aria was lost. Stolen from her love, tortured beyond reason, she felt the clutches of darkness suffocating her. And on the brink of that darkness was the sharp, painful edge of need for something she no longer had. She knows she needs to escape, to fight, but will it all be too little too late?
Can Sebastian find the drive to win back his fated? Can Aria use the last of her strength to break free?
Their desire to be together again should be enough, but the demons that haunt them threaten to tear them both apart for good.

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