Author Kay Riley

Treacherous Truths (An Enemies to Lovers Dark Romance): Suncrest Bay Series Book 2
by Kay Riley

The truth shall NOT set me free.

Running away seven years ago did nothing but delay the life chosen for me before I even had my first kiss. Leaving isn’t an option anymore. Staying might break me.

The unraveling secrets are exposing more than just my family’s past. They’re revealing burdens of the man who is determined to prove our story isn’t finished. My trust is the one thing Kyro refuses to stop chasing, even when everything is attempting to tear us apart.

And for the truths I so desperately wanted to learn? They’re twisting the key, locking me in the cage known as Suncrest Bay.

The promise I made to never stop fighting is being threatened by ghosts of my past. Maybe the easiest thing is to give into what my enemies want.

But I never was one for easy.

I’m a perfect storm and I’ll destroy them all.


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