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BRAND NEW MONSTER book from C.R. Jane and I is now live!

*Fiercely Protective Monsters

  • LOTS of spicy scenes
  • Reverse Harem
  • Breeding
  • Mating
  • Monstrous Peens

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“This book had me questioning my morals, haha. The whole time I was like, am I into this? I AM… A LOT!” 5 Stars.

The Monster King wants to play…

It’s been 1097 days and 14 hours since I’ve been locked in this place, all because I saw something I shouldn’t have.

And they’ve come to me every night.
The monsters in my dreams worship my body.
And when I wake up, I’m desperate for more…
But they’re never there to finish me off.

Dr. Adams says I can leave the asylum if I start to take my meds, but I’ve always hated how they made me feel…and I’m not sure that I agree with them that I’m actually crazy.

Because dreams don’t make you crazy, right?
I’ve got to start living someday though…so I finally take the plunge and obey so I can get out.
My dreams stop, and the monsters disappear. I’m finally starting a new life.

And that’s when he comes…the monster king.
Evidently my little dreams, weren’t just dreams. And he and his demon horde were feeding off my lust.

Their glowing eyes, sharp teeth, jagged claws…and big c**ks…
They’re all real.
The Monster King wants me back. I’m their favorite plaything after all.
And I just might want to play.

“Omg this book blew my mind, definitely unlike anything I’ve ever read before and I loved that it was so different from anything else, the mixture of worlds as well, Absolutely phenomenal read 💖” 5 Stars

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