Must Read Series

I love to read the series straight through, and there is nothing better than a boxset so I can escape and get lost with a fantastic series.

I love it when an author writes a great series—a series so organized, detailed, full of adventure, and most importantly, a happy ending. It is not just any happily ever after, but a love story that shows you the characters’ growth and commitment to each other.

Today I’m sharing a series that will give you characters you will love and a series that sucked in and will keep you at the edge of your seat. A fantastic page-turner that you will love.

Midnight Fae Academy

Once upon a time, a handsome prince asked the academy wallflower to the ball. She was blinded by the stars in her own eyes and the pitter-patter of her lonely heart. Little did she know this prince was no prince at all, but a villain disguised behind a charming smile.


There are no such things as fairy tales or happily ever afters. Not in my world. My reality is riddled with pain and loss and immense hatred.

Until him.
Trayton Nacht, the new transfer student at Darlington Academy.
Something about his darkness calls to me. The way his eyes glimmer in the night and the cruelty of his handsome smile.
With a single glance, he turned my world inside out. And now I can’t get enough.

But what if he’s just like the rest of them? What if this is all just another masquerade?


She stole my heart, once upon a time. Three years ago in an alley where she left me with a pair of sodden blue slippers.

Her life had been mine for the taking, until I discovered the fae magic lurking beneath her skin. Now it’s time to recruit her, to take her to her fate.

But first, we’ll play a little game.
One that will end in destruction.
Because f*ck fairy godmothers.

What Ella needs is a Dark Fae.
One who can help her burn Darlington Academy to the ground.
A Dark Fae like me.

Welcome to my world, Isabella Cinder. I do hope you want to stay and play for a while. Because you’re mine now, sweetheart.

Welcome to Midnight Fae Academy.
Home of the Dark Arts.
And cruelly handsome fae.

A forbidden bite led to my capture and recruitment.
There are no flowers here.
No life.
Only death.

I’m an Earth Fae who doesn’t belong here.
They can play their little mind games all they want, but I’m going to find a way back to my elemental world. Even if it kills me.

Except Headmaster Zephyrus is one step ahead of my every move.
Prince Kolstov won’t stop cornering me.
And Shadow—the reason I’m in this damn mess to begin with—haunts my dreams.

My affinity for the earth is dying and being replaced by something more sinister. Something powerful. Something deadly.

The Midnight Fae believe this is my fate.
They claim that I was “recruited” for a purpose.
To battle a rising presence.
Or to die trying.

I don’t owe them a damn thing. But if I have to pass their trials to find my way home, then so be it. I survived a plague and far worse in the Elemental Fae realm. An ominous energy? Please. What a joke.

Give it your best shot.
I’m waiting.
And don’t you dare bite me.
Or I’ll make you regret it.

You’re mine, princess. Forever.

I’m in purgatory.
A Midnight Fae dungeon.
All because my mates betrayed me.

Shade swears he’s innocent.
Zeph promises that what he did was for my own best interest.
Meanwhile, Kols isn’t apologetic in the slightest, his cocky arrogance claiming fate intervened at just the right moment.

I hate them all.
Crave them, too.
And now I have to work with them to solve a millennium-old secret, one that involves my true heritage.

Except our digging has awoken an ancient power and it’s threatening to destroy the Midnight Fae realm with its vengeance.

If only the Academy offered courses in mediation.
I could use one of those right about now.
Because as it turns out, I’m the only one with the power to stop this thing from taking over.
And I have to rely on my mates to help guide me.

Welcome to Midnight Fae Academy, where the classes are useless and the male fae are all jackholes. Wish me luck.

Prepare to bow to the queen, boys. I’m coming for you.

Two sides of a revolution, both vying for my allegiance.
Well, I pick neither side.

I’m an Earth Fae Royal bound to four Midnight Fae. My powers are growing stronger every day, and I’m tired of being a pawn in a war I don’t understand. Now that I know all the players involved and the risks at stake, I’m ready to ascend.

No more tricks.
No more lies.
No more deadly secrets.

My name is Aflora.
Your future Queen of the Midnight Fae.
And I’m done playing your games.

Welcome to the new reign, boys.
I make the rules here.
And I will not bow.

Vitality surrounded me, my earth essence humming all around us.

Welcome to the Midnight Fae world.
It’s bloody.
And led by an ancient vampire who needs to die.

My days as a pawn in this war are over. I’m taking over as queen on this board, and in my version of the game, everyone bows to the queen. Even Constantine Nacht.

He thinks he’s clever by roping me into these ascension trials, all meant to kill me and my mates.
But I’m going to prove him wrong.
We’re stronger than he thinks.
And we’re going to make him bleed.

Earth Fae are all about life.
Midnight Fae prefer death.
I’m a mixture of both.
So let’s see what happens when life marries death, shall we?

Hand over my crown, Constantine.
It’s time for you to kneel for your queen.

I’d known from our first meeting that she was an ideal mate. Royal. Beautiful. Strong. Feisty as hell. And now she was truly mine. For eternity.

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