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“You’ll be perfect.”

The supercilious cow who just hired me for my dream job didn’t do so because of my impeccable filing or my ability to type 80 words per minute. She did so because she took one look at my plus size body and assumed my smoking hot, billionaire bosses wouldn’t look twice at me.
I assumed the same.

But when I meet the big alphas running Dacian Enterprises, we’re all in for a shock.
Their eyes turn silver the moment they take me in, looking all the world like the Big Bad Wolves that want to eat me up.

And one of them already has.
A Howlr hookup that I then ghosted after the hottest night of my life.

The HR manager thought she was getting some dumpy, safe girl who’d do her job with no office sexual tension to muddy the waters. And this pack of billionaires? They’re broken, alienated from each other, with only a business to keep them together.
But I might be just the woman destined to bring them all back together.

As the sheriff of the small town of Shadows Landing, South Carolina, Granger usually dealt with ornery alligators, fights over the best BBQ style, and the occasional shoot-out when his friends brought trouble home. Granger watched those friends get married one at a time, but he knew that wasn’t his fate. An auto accident had left Granger with scarring that he hid under his uniform. Women seemed to cringe when they saw it, so Granger gave up on relationships. Then he lost his heart to the most confident, intelligent, and sexy woman he’d ever met. But what would a woman like that want with a damaged man like him?

Olivia Townsend was a nightmare in heels in the courtroom. She was a lawyer for the two most powerful men in the country. She was used to taking down every opponent who crossed her. However, Olivia was now in the path of a stalker and his deadly game. It started with the feeling of being watched. Then the threatening notes began. But when the stalker tries to attack her, it is Granger Fox that saves her.

As Granger and Olivia rush to stop the escalating threats, it’s not just bullets flying, but sparks too. Can Olivia find the strength to open her heart while Granger learns to trust again? And more importantly, can they do it before time runs out and the person behind it all gets tired of playing their game? Because in this game, there can be only one winner.

How far will you go to get what you want, princess?

Those are the words he whispers in my ear as he gets me pregnant.

Sleeping with Baptist Thompkins right before going into business together is the worst idea I’ve ever had, but there’s no taking it back.

I’m pregnant with his baby, and when he finds out, he’s going to ruin my life.

Baptist is passionate, stupidly gorgeous, overly cocky, and a total control freak.

We’re starting a new film production studio together, and our first client is this totally deranged but brilliant director that’s determined to put us through hell.

Baptist will never let me around this crazy director with his baby in me. Which is why I have to keep it a secret.

How far will I go?

I have to keep my hands off Baptist and focus on work, but every time we’re thrown deeper into this wild ride, I find myself turning to him for comfort—and for a lot more.

I’ll go further than he ever imagined I would. I have to be free—from my oppressive father, from my self-imposed failures, from the nightmare of my life.

They say orgasms are heavenly, but mine brought me to Hell.
As a sex-talk podcaster, sex wasn’t new to me. However, having my one-night stand shove his bleeding wrist over my mouth and stab me in the heart with a dagger mid-orgasm wasn’t a kink I was familiar with.
Waking up in Hell with a self-proclaimed prince of Lust, who sported two horns and a tail, made me question my sanity. But when he told me I was a demon too, everything I knew imploded in my face.
I never hung around my hookups for more than one night, ever, but this infuriating demon demanded I rule the lust hell circle as his queen. He had another thing coming if he thought I’d sit prettily on a throne while he pulled the strings, though.
It wasn’t until his chamberlain and knight made their appearances that I decided being in Hell wouldn’t be so bad.
Turns out, Corrupting Lust was what I was made for.

My universe has been turned upside down. Not only am I no longer human, I’m also the most powerful elemental the world has seen in centuries. And I have no idea how to wield the power coursing through my veins.

Did I mention I also have four fated mates? The charmer, the gentle giant, the psychopath, and the cruel prince who would rather kill me than kiss me. Throw in mean girls, assassins, and kings out for our blood, and I’m having a rough freshman year.

Just as I feel like things might be coming together, a secret is revealed that changes everything. And I’m left wondering if there’s anyone I can trust at all…

The final book in the bestselling Monsters After Dark series.

I break Marlowe’s heart and leave with the Alpha King, who once rejected me, then used me, then coveted my power. To obtain me, he merges with the horseman War—my worst immortal enemy.

Imprisoning me in his unbreakable dark castle, the alpha forces me to marry him so he can re-forge the mating bond with me and take my power for himself.

There’s no line I won’t cross to protect those I love, so I turn dark and unleash my monster.

If Marlowe can’t reach me in time, I’ll be lost either to War or Death forever.

Yet in my darkest hours, I hold onto his promise—we’ll blow shit up and make fireworks together.

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