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Are you looking for more books to read? We’ll I am sharing the new release of the week. Get cozy and enjoy your next favorite story.

The stories are always swoon-worthy. Happy reading!

He walked away once, and it nearly destroyed her. Now he wants a second chance…

There’s nothing more important than family.
It’s what I live for, what I’ve always lived for.
So, when I’m forced to step back from the one girl I’m dying to claim as my own, it wrecks me.
But when family asks you to keep a secret, you do it.
No questions asked.
I only hope that when the truth comes to light, the woman I can’t get out of my head gives me another chance. A chance to show her I could be her knight in beat-up leather if only she’d let me.

Tragedy likes to strike in threes and this year’s already been a nightmare.
Two down… one to go.
So, when the brutally hot biker who stomped all over my heart crosses my path again, I’ve got no interest in hearing him out.
Except, he doesn’t give up so easily…
And he’s more than willing to play dirty to get what he wants.
When he dangles the thing I want most in front of me and promises he’s changed, I have to decide if I’m willing to gamble my heart on his second chance or walk away for good…

Priest, book two of The Vikings MC: Tucson Chapter, is a dark, steamy, angsty, biker romantic suspense read full of action, adventure, and sexy times. This book has second chance romance, age gap romance, it features an older hero (38) with a younger heroine (26 years) who’ve found out that sometimes you have to give love a second chance. Download today and get ready to fall for hot anti-heroes.

A young Pyromancer teams up with five sexy soldiers in this action-packed Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance.

Alyssa’s Quintelaide is getting another chance to test the Tinker superweapon.
And this time it’s against a real Silithik hive.

Desperate to avoid the Archon’s demands—and his inevitable wrath at Alyssa for not sharing her new runetracing ability—Field Marshall Tyronix sends the Ninety-First on a dangerous mission: traveling behind enemy lines to the Daggerscar Canyon, where they must destroy a hive dedicated to producing the Silithik wasps which have been plaguing the western front for the entire war.

It’s a mission that will bring Alyssa and Harry, the Quint’s Ranger, closer together–something he is now eager to do after seeing his three Quintmates have their way with the beautiful Pyromancer. There’s not much chance for romance while stalking through Silithik-occupied territory, but soon Alyssa is fantasizing about joining the handsome Ranger’s bedroll at night…

Can Alyssa and her Quintmates complete the mission and escape the canyon alive? And even if they do, will it be enough to convince the Archon of their loyalty?

Assassin. Master of disguise. Criminally handsome and smart.
Yep, the Fox had it all.
Except someone to call his own.
But he could make that happen, right? Who wouldn’t want him? He was a total catch.
There were just a few tiny problems.
His life was dangerous. He had enemies. And a job that he had to finish.
He wasn’t entirely sure he knew how to take care of someone else. But surely there was a manual on how to be a good Daddy Dom, right?
Oh, and the woman that he’d decided was his . . . had a boyfriend.
Hold on tight . . . things are about to get interesting.

Please note: This book is not meant to be read as a standalone. You will want to read the rest of the series first. This book is MMF and contains a sexy Daddy Dom who is an assassin and has a warped moral code.
Triggers at front of book.


The stone known for new love and commitment. To me, it means freedom. And I would destroy anyone who tries to take it away from me.

Milina Porter is a name few know. Now, I’m a ghost who works in the shadows. Car heists is what my name is known for, and my reputation is infamous.

Secrets haunt a past that I’ll do anything to keep buried. I’ve been running from a devil who makes death seem like a mercy. Now, I have a chance to escape him for good.

Only, I can’t do it alone.

I need to partner with others who share my expertise in heists. Which is how I ended up in Ridgewood to work with the Riot Crew. Stuck with men who are intent on running me out of their town.

Our hate for each other is nearly as explosive as the raw tension bleeding between us. Their suspicions of me run as deep as my distrust for them. I need them even though I’ll never admit why.

Once the job is done, I’ll disappear without a trace, and they’ll be nothing but a memory.

No matter how hard they try to keep me here.

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