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Romanceaholic Reviews are for stories that I enjoyed reading, and I was entertained and fell in love with the characters. Getting to read about friendships and family, each with a different way of handling things and all with the same goal of finding themselves and happiness.

Each author gives you a unique opportunity to see the creativity of their minds with their stories.

Stories are so good that you will go back and reread them.

This story will give you all the feels. So many emotions and characters to love and admire their will to survive. Sometimes trauma can bring people together and heal their hearts with love and understanding only they can understand.

Tia is a strong and loving lady that understands pain better than anyone however, she never let all her trauma change her heart, and she became a fantastic woman with a heart of gold. Cole shows her that she can be loved and protected, and he helps her find herself and open to new possibilities. Lucas is sweet and guarded. Together they find love.

This series is full of unforgettable characters. Each book gets better than the last, seeing how they find and fight for those they love. Author Kathleen Brooks is a magician with her books; you will fall in love, cry, laugh, and fight with her characters.

Landon Davies is sweet, charming, and so much fun. He is loving and always there for his family and friends. You can depend on him; he is an outstanding chef and will steal your heart.

Kate Ellington is the perfect match for Landon. She is the first and best female passing game coordinator in professional football and knows how to inspire people to do their best. She is open and sweet and a wonderful friend.

Landon and Kate are excellent together, and both are the star of this story. Together they handle everything thrown their way, and they are fun and loving. Their story is one of my favorites. A must-read!

I love this story because it is so realistic, and you can relate to the characters. Greyson is rich and broken but has much fun with the right person, his heart, and the only person who understands him, Violet.

Violet has been lost for a long time, and it took a tragic event to show who and what she is. Greyson brings her what she knows she needs, and she loves his darkness. Together they are beautifully broken and great at everything they do because they have each other to motivate them.

If you aren’t a part of Romanceaholic I would love to have you join the fun!


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