Embracing Shadows and Sacrifice: A Review of “Addicted to the Ruin”

In the riveting sequel to “Addicted to the Pain,” the saga continues with “Addicted to the Ruin,” taking readers on an enthralling journey of betrayal, redemption, and unyielding bonds.

What would you do when the very people who have awakened your heart to love become the targets of your treachery? The protagonist finds herself at a crossroads, torn between loyalty and self-preservation. The Tailors, four men who taught her the profound depths of love and freedom, are now in her crosshairs as she strives to protect herself.

Forgiveness hangs in the balance as the Tailors extend an understanding hand despite the betrayal. Their complex relationship navigates the turbulent waters of trust and vulnerability, a testament to the power of forgiveness and the intricate tapestry of human emotions.

Yet, a new peril emerges, casting an ominous shadow over their fragile unity. As they face a formidable threat, the stakes are higher than ever. The journey to survival thrusts them into a battle against external forces and the ghosts of their pasts. The shadows lurking in their hearts’ corners are just as menacing as the monsters that haunt their presence.

Rosa Lee masterfully crafts a story where love’s evolution is not a linear path, but a tapestry woven with threads of pain, sacrifice, and perseverance. The unbreakable bond between the protagonist and the Tailors becomes the heart of this tale, a beacon of hope amid the darkness surrounding them.

Romanceaholic Review

Addicted to the Ruin, the second book in this captivating contemporary why choose romance series, delves deep into the intricate web of love, loyalty, and sacrifice. An emotionally charged rollercoaster ride, and the story itself does not disappoint. The guys are forced to observe Lark’s mistreatment by her father, which is a distressing ordeal as they cannot intervene and support their girl.

The Tailors, four extraordinary men who hold her heart and profoundly own her, have every reason to turn their backs on her. However, forgiveness prevails, and together they embark on a treacherous journey that threatens to tear their bond apart.

The characters are confronted not only with external threats but also with the haunting ghosts of their pasts. The vividly depicted monsters they encounter represent their internal struggles to survive.

Addicted to the Ruin explores the depths of love, sacrifice, and resilience, reminding us that even in the face of ruin, the power of a strong bond can overcome any obstacle.

About the Author Rosa Lee

Nestled in a serene Wiltshire village amidst the idyllic English countryside, Rosa Lee finds inspiration in the distant echoes of British Army tank fire. The presence of uniformed fathers hustling through the local supermarket or accompanying their children to school provides a delightful backdrop to her daily life.

Rosa’s passion is weaving captivating stories of dark and irresistible “why choose” romance. Her fertile imagination brims with many ideas that often compel her to scribble them down in the wee hours of the morning, between the disruptions of her endearing womb monsters. Within her storytelling, Rosa passionately embraces silver linings and the allure of fairytale endings. Yet, her tales tread the unconventional path, where villains ardently lay claim to their Princesses, weaving a tapestry of entwined destinies that culminate in a world upheaved for the sake of love’s dominion.

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