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Becoming by E.S. McMillan & Mandy Kim is coming January 30, 2020!!!

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Best friends from birth. Sisters forever. Things start to change for Tabitha and Zoey Ryan right before their sixteenth birthdays.

When secrets are confessed and strange things start happening, will a premonition come true?

Find out what happens when Tabitha and Zoey start to become whom they were born to be.

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After The Rain
E.S. McMillan

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Previously Published in the Not Only A Father Anthology

Daryl Phillips and the love of his life, Simone were about to embark on the most fulfilling and rewarding journey of their lives. When tragedy strikes and Daryl is left to pick up the pieces without Simone, will he be able to weather the storm that has consumed him?

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Gypsy King’s MC series

.•~🖤~•.An ominous letter -barroom brawls – unwanted romance .•~🖤~•.

Romeo Book 5 in the Gypsy King’s MC series
Roux Cantrell


The problem with looking for trouble is you usually find what you’re looking for. It walked into the clubhouse in the form of a blonde bombshell looking for one of my brothers. With Crow out of town my clubs P has put me on babysitting duty. The issue now is I’ve been given a firm order … don’t touch her. Being one not to follow rules things are going to get complicated fast.

After one day of being her shadow I’ve realized she’s not what she appears to be. That bad ass attitude is a pretty shell, but it’s starting to crack. She’s a romantic at heart and the last thing Vega needs is an overbearing bastard that has nothing to offer except a hard fast ride. If she had not walked in and rocked the very foundation I stood on I’d let her walk away, now she’s in over her head.

There’s always one in every town. I man that thinks he can solve all my problems. Problem is my problems come with a past that may come knocking. I’ve tried staying away from Romeo, but when he comes in looking dangerous and destroyed all at the same time I can’t help, but open up my door and my heart.
I can leave whenever I want … that’s what my head keeps saying because my heart has another idea entirely.


Coming on January 17! Part one of the prince and the painter

Jason and Aaron would gladly spend all their time in bed together, but they’re haunted by their pasts, literally as well as figuratively. Death and destruction follow them — a rapist and a serial killer are stalking Aaron, and Jason’s growing love may not be enough to protect either of them.



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Legend by CM Lally, USA Today Bestselling Author 
The Change Up by Evan Grace 
Command by KL Donn 
Saint’s Angel by KL Humphreys & Natalie Hill 
Catching Chase by Michelle Windsor 
Face Off by Sophia Henry 
Anti-Venom: Vipers MC by Ashley Lane 




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