Cherry Skies



Life isn’t always easy, especially for Elizabeth Reed. Growing up believing that you have fun in the sun is what landed her as an M.D. with her own private practice in California. Supporting her husband through a troubled marriage, waiting for his startup company to flourish, and mix that with unruly teenagers. Times like this are when she missed her family more than ever! Except upon agreeing to marry the man she thought would be of her dreams, Elizabeths’ Daddy cast her out and pushed her away.

Life was stressful sure but, this was her normal. This life she could handle, until an unfamiliar number, appears on her phone with an all too familiar voice attached at the other end of the line. That’s when trouble digs even deeper and her world is rocked upside down. The passing of Elizabeths’ Momma brings her back to her old roots. Piece by piece she begins to regain control of her life and her sense of independence in the one place she thought she left in the rearview mirror.


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