Middle of Nowhere
By: Cree Nations

Link: https://rb.gy/hzsz6z

‘You just can’t get here from there…no matter how hard you try.’ That’s what my Daddy always said, but then again I was generally in a hell of a lot of trouble when he did. This time isn’t any different, other than I finally know what he meant.

Trouble has been my companion for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been the damn the torpedoes full speed ahead girl. The other thing my Daddy always said was ‘go for it but only if you’re willing to pay the consequences for your actions.’

I left my hometown when I was seventeen, stuck my thumb out and went on down the road, many roads as it turns out and now here I sit, in front of an old as dirt gas pump and my Grand-Daddy’s old gas station in Regret Texas, population one hundred and thirty-seven people and that ain’t counting me.


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