Sweet Licorice Dreams: Sarah
Samantha Rae

Link: http://mybook.to/SweetLicoriceDreamsFVP
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Sarah Griffin was supposed to be with Theo Lord, at least that was what the townsfolk think. Sarah’s one night of lapse judgment changes her life forever. It changed her relationship with her father, the most important man in her life. A tragedy sends Sarah on the path of rediscovery. She left Liberty to rest and recover and to find herself. She ended up meeting a similar soul that needs a friend just as much as she does. Can the last bag of licorice lead to a friendship that heals two broken hearts?

James William was in love with his brother’s wife. He thought his heart was shattered until he meets Sarah Griffin over the last bag of licorice. Looking into her lost eyes James saw someone who had shattered soul. Their budding friendship leads Sarah down the road of self-discovery and James figuring out what love really looks like.

Can one bag of licorice, one broken heart, and one broken soul all lead to the Sweet Licorice Dreams?


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