Safe with You by Lizzie James
Cover designed by Eleanor Lloyd-Jones at Shower Of Schmidt Designs

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Stalker. A person who can harass or persecute with obsessive and unwanted attention.
I used to think that I was happy, that I had met the one for me.
I was wrong.
He betrayed me.
He thought that I would accept that… I didn’t.
When I met Alex, he set me free. He made me feel things for him that I never felt for David. I was ready to turn the page and start a new life.
But Instead, a person that I thought cared for me, wanted to wreck the little world that I had made for myself.
He wanted to break me.
To make me crumble.
When you realise how broken you’ve become, how do you deal with it?
When the person you love gets taken from you, how do you go on?
Will the one at your side hold your hand and help you up or will they leave you as the broken mess you have now become?

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