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Slide : Rugged Skulls MC #3
Cover : Designs by Dana
Image : Eric McKinney
Model : Dustin

Being a member of the Rugged Skulls MC, everything came easy to me. Money, reputation and women. Having a never ending flow of women throwing themselves at me was something I took great advantage of. Until her. Never did I imagine that I would be a man to lay claim to a woman after seeing her dance at a wedding.

Starting over in Fort Lauderdale was the best decision I could have made for my daughter and me. Just the two of us, starting a new life, a new journey, and making new memories. It was simple, and I had our whole lives planned out…Until I saw him. The biker who belonged on the cover of a magazine. A man with a devilish smile and sinful mouth that only added to his appeal.

In a world full of long days and solitary nights, he is a welcome change. I just hope he doesn’t break my heart.

Release day price. https://books2read.com/u/mgl5lD


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