Chasing Demons Review

Chasing Demons

He was her best friend’s father, but
with a little love, lust and demon hunting, together they could save the world.

Alyssa Hearne

When Alyssa Hearne had planned her summer vacation, she was thinking about spending some time to herself and away from the stress of college. Maybe a few drinks poolside with her best friend Madelyn.

The last thing she expects is for a family secret to send her normal, bland, boring life spiraling out of control.

Christopher Connery

The last thing Christopher Connery expected to upend his happy single father life, was Alyssa Hearne’s twenty first birthday.

Everything he knew was flipped upside down after one accidental touch from her. Alyssa is ‘The one’ for him in more ways than one.

But will he be able to fight the urges of the bond they both feel, yet keep Alyssa close enough to protect?

My Review:
Chasing Demons is a story full of adventure, friendships, family, love, and secrets. I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. Chris gives this story heart, and I love him.

Alyssa loves her life, and she’s excited to go home and celebrate her birthday. Alyssa is a girl full of love, and she follows her heart no matter what.

Chris fights his attraction, and he does everything in his power to protect everyone. His love for his daughter is so sweet. Chris and Alyssa a perfect for each other. They know and accept each other.
I love this story and can’t wait to read the next book.


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