Untamed Daddy Review

Untamed Daddy

A tragedy in his past shaped the man he was today . . .
Hard. Ruthless. Possessive.
If you were his, Jacob Reyes would protect you with his dying breath.
That’s why he let so few people close.
Then there was HER.
Soft and strong. Sweet and sassy.
A Little in trouble who called to his Daddy instincts to protect her.
But did he deserve her?

My Review:
I wanted to read the story for Jacob Reyes for a long time. I wanted to read how a little wrapped herself around his heart. I always thought he would make a badass Daddy. I knew that his story would melt my heart and have me loving him even more.

This story shows us never to judge a book by its cover. Reyes is Badass and sweet, plus protective and dominant. Just perfect for Emme. Emme is so sweet and unpredictable. I wanted to hug her and play with her. Just adorable.

I love this story. It’s full of love and heart. P.s the fox is always special in anything he does, and I’m starting to think he’s a magical dangerous godfather, sprinkling love and sparkle.
A true gem and a joy to read. I can’t wait for the next book.


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