Surrogate with Benefits Review

Surrogate with Benefits

Three gorgeous businessmen, looking for a surrogate. One headstrong woman, bent on a selfless act. What do you do when business becomes pleasure?

Jordyn never expected to play the surrogate for one, much less three of the hottest real estate developers in upstate NY. Yet with their picturesque mansion and live-in amenities? She quickly falls into the most amazing – and unorthodox – of all arrangements.

But when the original egg donor bails and she takes on that role as well, Jordyn is faced with a butterfly-inducing decision: continue solely with bi-monthly IVF treatments… or go the natural route and get pregnant organically… with all three of them.
The choice is easy, when undeniable chemistry runs headfirst into weeks of pent-up longing. So when limitations are removed and barriers drop away? Jordyn finds herself the sizzling center of a guilt-free, no-strings attached situation in which she – and her most far-flung fantasies – are indulged, triple time.

Aiden is the blue-eyed wildchild, and Elliot the reserved yet surprisingly fearless world-traveler. Connor is the ripped, sizzling Irishman, with an intoxicating accent and a shredded athlete’s body to match his razor-sharp tongue.

Together they take Jordyn on an emotional roller-coaster ride, from the dark secrets of her calloused past to the modern-day wounds the four of them must deal with together. Can three lifelong friends find happiness – and love – in the arms of a spitfire, daredevil of a woman? Or will the ghosts of their previous endeavors threaten to keep their arrangement strictly business?

My Review:
Surrogate with benefits will have you on an emotional rollercoaster of love. I love Jordyn. She is the star of this story. Her ability to make people happy and her drive to live a happy fulling life had me hooked. I wanted to more about her and go on her journey. She is a true survivor with a heart of gold.

Aiden, Elliot, and Connor have a beautiful family and friendship. They know what they want, and they are not afraid to make it happen. They have a great relationship with Jordyn. They bring each other passion and happiness.

This story teaches us that as long as they are all happy and love each other, anything is possible. Love conquers all.


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