Crimson Kiss Review

Crimson Kiss (The Crimson Demon Book 2)
by Lyra Winters

In a couple of months, Lilith Whitlock had gone from human to vampire to demon. Turned out, she was destined for more than human life all along. She was Lilith… Mother of demons. Yep. That Lilith.

With all of her memories intact and four protective supernatural men by her side, she was more than ready to take on the prophecy everyone kept blabbing on about.

Balance was skewed all because of her murder half a millennium ago. Now, the realms were collapsing into each other, causing natural disasters all over. The scales tipped toward evil in the living realm, and The Crimson Demon was the only one capable of stopping it.

On top of saving the world, her temperamental vampires had one Hell of an adjustment period to the news of who Lilith actually was.

No pressure, right?

My Review:

The thing I love about this series is that it is so damn addictive. The story draws you in immediately, and it’s so hard to put down. I love that it’s action-packed and full of surprises.

I love the connection Lilith has with her men. She completes them and heals each of their hearts with her love and acceptance. I love how Lilith can heal each of them and love them fully.

Author Lyra Winters writes stories that touch your heart, and you will keep coming back for more because her stories draw you in immediately, and they are hard to put down.

I loved this book! The series keeps getting better and better!


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