The Way Back When Duet Review

Love Always, Peyton: Way Back When Duet #1
by Ashlee Rose

Romanceaholic Review

Peyton is a sweet and hardworking girl. She’s loving and caring and has a romantic heart. She gives her all to everything she does, and she follows her heart. Being part of the pen pal programme excites her.
Interacting and exchanging letters with a stranger make Peyton nervous and let her question destiny and the possibility of soulmates. Is Cassanova her ideal mate, or is it just a joke?

I love how her friendship with Cassanova is honest, and they connect. It’s funny how excited Peyton is to receive a letter. Her friendship with Knight grows from nonexistent to sweet friends to lovers one.

Knight turns into her best friend and protector. He wants to make her smile and keep her happy. A wonderful friendship that is special.

This story teaches us that writing your thoughts and feelings or even asking questions with a pen pal can open you up to an honest and fun friendship. It’s like you can let your guard down and have an honest conversation with a genuine interest in getting to know the other person.

Forever Always, Knight: Way Back When Duet #2
by Ashlee Rose

Romanceaholic Review

After reading book one, I was so excited that I only had to wait a week for this story because I wouldn’t say I like cliffhangers. I love how the author wrote this story. It gives us both points of view, and we get a complete picture of everything that happens between Knight and Peyton.

I think that sometimes we make sacrifices to make sure our loved ones are happy. Peyton put her life on hold to fulfill her parent’s dreams. She became what her father wanted and protected her mother. She suffered and did things to keep the peace, but she never lost her heart, and that’s what makes her beautiful.

Peyton and Knight complete each other. They are soulmates, a beautiful couple full of love and happiness. Way Back When is a well-written love story that will have you falling in love. The author connects all the dots and gives you a romatic soulmate’s story.


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