The Way Back When duet

Love Always, Peyton: Way Back When Duet #1
by Ashlee Rose

I always knew what I wanted in life.

Good grades.
Pass my exams.
To follow my dreams.
And find an epic love.

But at eighteen, everything can change in an instant.

In the last three months of prep school, we were put into a pen pal programme.
But not just any pen pal programme, no.
At Augustine all girls Prep school, there is a myth.

Whoever you’re matched up with, they’re your soulmate.

But how can that be true? You make your own life, your own dreams, your own love.

There is no such thing as fate. Is there?

That’s when Knight Pierce crashed into my life. A bad boy with a wicked mouth.

Hate turned to friendship.
Friendship turned to… more.

They say there is a very thin line between hate and love, and that line started to blur.

But how could I feel something for Knight when I was destined to be with my pen pal.

The myth couldn’t be real, could it?

Love Always, Peyton is Book One in the Way Back When duet.

Forever Always, Knight: Way Back When Duet #2
by Ashlee Rose

The myth said that you were paired up with your soulmate. But I am proof that the myth is a lie.
Because my soulmate is not with me, she is with someone else.
I fell hard and fast for Peyton Fallon, knocking me completely off my feet.
Ten years had passed, and Peyton was still imprinted on my heart. But she broke me.
Splintering my heart into a million pieces.
Friendship to love, love to hate.
Now she was just a memory.
A ghost, but she still haunted me.
Then one email changed my life, sending my feelings into turmoil and making my heart race once more.
Could I get the one girl I was destined for, or did I have to forget the myth and finally let her go?
Could this really be our second chance at forever?

Forever Always, Knight is Book Two in the Way Back When Duet.


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