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Rogue Daddy (Montana Daddies Book 12)
by Laylah Roberts

He’s paranoid, eccentric, and dangerous . . .

Keira was being hunted.
By the good guys and the bad guys. Only trouble is, who is who?
Then he caught her.
Gorgeous and blunt.
Smart and insane.
She shouldn’t want him, shouldn’t allow him through her thick shields. But Zander doesn’t know the word no. All he knows is what he wants.
And what he wants, he gets.
But who would want a thief and a liar? Someone with a black past? Who craves submission, someone to take care of her, but can’t bring herself to trust anyone?

Includes spankings, a guarded Little and an ever so slightly crazy Daddy with a big protective streak.

Keira has a bad habit of trusting the wrong guys. She couldn’t believe the trouble she was in for being too trusting. Keira is all alone and scared, and she is afraid to believe in Zander after everything she’s been through.

Zander is brutally honest and has no filter. He has a hard time understanding emotions, but he will go out of his way to defend people in need. His team is his family, and he is significantly overprotective of them and their safety.

Keira feels a connection to Zander. She finds his quirkiness adorable, and she goes out of her way to make him smile and open up. Zander gives Keira the strength to face her fears, and he provides the space and helps her be herself.

This story is extraordinary because you see how much trauma affects us and our behavior. Zander took the time to get to know Keira. He knew that her needs were important, and he found a way to help her heal without losing who she was. He gave her a family, and they found love and happiness together.

Zander is one of my favorite Daddy Doms in this fantastic series.


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