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A Cozy Little Christmas
by Laylah Roberts

Cullen Cutler isn’t a fan of Christmas.
He’s not a fan of most things. But when the one person he does care about tells him that he is off to Rawhide Ranch for Christmas, well, Cullen reluctantly tags along. Someone has to keep his cousin out of trouble.
But he is definitely not going to enjoy himself, or get into the Christmas spirit.
Not happening.

Ivy’s favorite time of the year is Christmas.
And her temporary job at Rawhide Ranch allows her to indulge that love. She feels at home there, with the Littles and Tops. But she can’t forget this is temporary. Divorced and broke, she has no time for play.

And she definitely doesn’t have time to fall in love. Certainly not with grumpy, bossy, protective Cullen Cutler.
Not happening.

There’s no Christmas miracle for this Little.

Romanceaholic Review:

Cullen Cutler is grumpy and hates Christmas, and that is until he meets a beautiful elve that loves everything Christmas. Ivy is having so much fun decorating for the littles at the ranch, and she wants them to have a memorable holiday.

Cullen and his cousin Marcus are going to spend Christmas at Rawhide Ranch. Marcus is a little, and Cullen is very protective of him. Marcus and Ivy have an instant connection, and they become quick friends. They also get in trouble together. Something that frustrates and excites Cullen because he gets more time with Ivy.

Cullen realizes that deep down, he is a Daddy Dom. His need to protect and care for Ivy excites him. I love the way their friendship grows into something more. Ivy helps Cullen find himself, and she makes him see that there is so much love in his heart that he needs to let go of the past.

Author Laylah Roberts has created a magical Christmas treat and this story with make you smile all day. A true gem.


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