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Good Girl: A fated mates paranormal romance (The Season Book 1)
by Sam Hall

I live in a world where people are ruled by animalistic impulses and none are more than me.

Weak, too easily influenced by others, my kind are best married off to be protected by my mate. So that’s what I’m doing, attending soirees and parties with the glittering elite, looking for the man that will complete me.
Then I meet him.
Orion Ratcliffe, heir to Ratcliffe Industries and all around bad boy, we’re shoved together by his parents in the hope of a match.
But what he wants is something else altogether.
He has three mates, some of the biggest, baddest men in town, each more beautiful than the next. The last thing he needs is another, more socially acceptable partner. So in exchange for my help in deflecting his parents’ attentions, he’ll Bridgerton the situation, squiring me about town, drawing other men’s eyes, helping me find The One.
So why is it their gaze I feel on me the most, tracking my every movement? All in the name of protection, of course.
Society wants me to be a good girl. They don’t want another mate.
But fate? She has completely different ideas about our futures.

Romanceaholic Review

Cyn is an omega that knows what she wants. She’s strong and has overcome so much. She works hard to make herself stronger she will never let anyone control her, showing them that omegas are not weak.

Orion is holding back, trying to protect them from his family.
Bren is an adorable badass who will keep you smiling and falling in love with him. Rhys is the quiet protecting teddy bear with a heart full of love.

Marcus is the alpha protector. He does everything for his mates and sacrifices anything to make them happy. He’s a very guarded guy who doesn’t trust easily, but once he does, it’s with all his heart.

Good Girl is a unique story, and it teaches us that we need to be careful with how we treat people. When you find the people that make you happy, you need to keep them safe. A love story that values family and fights to keep them happy.


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