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Make Me Lie: A Dark Enemies to Lovers College Romance (Rich Demons of Darkwood Book 1)
by C.R. Jane (Author), May Dawson

The world knows me as the Demon’s Daughter.
He’s a famous serial killer. And I may have been his accomplice.

But no one knows for sure except for me.

The dangerous, cruel men of the Sphinx secret society intend to uncover my secrets…and break me.

Stellan, my childhood crush who lost his sister to the Demon.

Cain, the boy with the face of an angel to who manipulation comes as easy as breathing;

Remington, the playboy soccer star full of secrets.

Pax, the dark psycho who hides behind his fists.

I hoped for a second chance at Darkwood University, only to have my dream ripped away the first time I kissed one of the handsome bastards.

They know who I am.

And they’re determined to make me pay.

They should have thought twice about who they were playing with.

Because I am the demon’s daughter. And just because they have the power, the connections, the faces and bodies of gods… do they really think they’ll win?

I wanted a new life, not a war.

But if they insist, we’ll see who ends up playing.

A dark bully, enemies to lovers romance.

Romanceaholic Review:

Twisted, witty, scary, and highly unpredictable. Make Me Lie is an action-packed page-turning nightmare, and it’s so entertaining and will have you fighting for Aurora.

Aurora tries to build a new life for herself, and She is trying to escape from her tragic past with her serial killer father, The Demon. Aurora is only trying to have a normal life however the elites of her school have other plans for her. Aurora is bullied, humiliated, and betrayed at every turn, and she is entirely alone.

The cruel men of the Sphinx secret society are captivated by her, and at the same time, they want to destroy her. Each guy gives Aurora a different taste of their twisted desires, and they make her want them and hate them at the same time. They are cruel and completely amazing when they go out of their way to protect her.

I will not pick a favorite guy because they need to pay for how much they hurt Aurora without giving her a chance. Also, I wouldn’t say I like their hypocrisy against Aurora judging her like they were better than her. I hope she has them all on their knees in the following story, begging for her mercy.


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