Romanceaholic Review

Romanceaholic Reviews are for stories that I enjoyed reading, and I was entertained and fell in love with the characters. Getting to read about friendships and family, each with a different way of handling things and all with the same goal of finding themselves and happiness.

Each author gives you a unique opportunity to see the creativity of their minds with their stories.

Stories are so good that you will go back and reread them.

Greer is intelligent, clever, and fiercely devoted to being the best slayer and her friends. She’s found happiness with her guys. Her only flaw is her trauma from the abuse she receives from her parents, and she doesn’t see how powerful and impressive she is.

The cliffhanger in this story broke. I couldn’t believe how emotional I was at how badly Greer was treated, and sadly, the ones that betrayed her can’t see how special she is and how lucky they are to have someone like her in their lives.

I can’t wait for the next story to see how Greer returns and takes revenge.

Colt is the star of this story, and he is fearless, ruthless, and arrogant. He’s a man that knows what he wants and goes for it. Mia surprised him with a kiss and her strength, and they have an instant attraction and fantastic chemistry.

Mia is clever and fiercely devoted to her friend Shelly and getting her life in order. She works hard to try and forget all her losses. She finds herself needing help, and Colt is the only one that can help her.

As Colt and Mia try to find solutions to their problems, enemies, and secrets, they find them and fight to keep each other safe. Colt teaches Mia that love conquers all, and together they can have a family.

I loved Mia and Colt so much!!

Aura has been through so much pain in this series, but I was shocked by who betrayed her. I felt her pain and couldn’t believe she could be betrayed this way. Aura is the star of this series because no matter what is thrown at her, she maintains her heart and never stops fighting for what she believes in.

Her relationship with her guys is so adorably sweet and loving. They are connected in a way most can’t understand and fear. I love how much they have grown together and how nothing can break their bonds. They are perfect for each other.

I hate to say goodbye to this fantastic series because the characters are all unique and loving, and I want more.

Sharing Second Chances is a beautiful story of finding yourself and opening your heart to unique possibilities without regret. Jenna opens the door to a booty call with her ex and an incredible steamy encounter with Tyler and his friends.

Jenna is a fantastic lady that is smart, clever, and fiercely devoted to her guys and growing their relationship. She does everything she can to get to know them and builds excellent unique relationships with each of her men.

Tyler is the star of this story because he is open and honest about what he wants and the kind of relationship he wants with Jenna. One where she is delighted and fulfilled. Jay is always there to bring them joy and keep them connected. Luca is intense and a strong adorable teddy bear.

This story teaches us to follow our hearts and be open to love without judgment. A story that brings out all your wildest fantasy. A truly remarkable story and one of my favorites.

Trisha is a loving and caring lady that wants to find a good job. Luck finds her in the gym when the hotty she has a crush on offers her a nanny job for his daughter. Kaylee is smart, sweet, and fun to be around, and they connect instantly.

This opportunity allows her to travel and find herself as she watches Kaylee, who has three hot daddies who adore her. The guys are excellent fathers and will do everything they can to make their daughter happy.

Trisha tries to be professional however, the more time she spends with Jordy, Archer, and Harrison, she feels attracted to all three of them and fights as best as she can. When they let go and accept the attraction between them, the story gets steamy, and they find a balance that doesn’t affect Kaylee and allows them to explore their chemistry. They build a beautiful family full of love.

If you aren’t a part of Romanceaholic I would love to have you join the fun!


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