What Have You Been Reading? I have been busy getting more book boyfriends added to my list. Let me tell you, these fantastic guys are alluring, passionate, and full of love.

Each story shares a strong female character who is never afraid to speak her mind or stand up for herself. Together they give stories full of page-turning pages you will love to read.

The duke’s daughter
One girl, two lives. Dutiful daughter of the Duke of Elverston on the one hand, a wilful girl who learns to fight on the other. Her father has let her run wild, as long as she never embarrasses him. And if she does? Consequences are likely to be swift and brutal.

Her beasts
The wargen are fierce men who wear two faces, one wolf, one human. They’re the monsters mothers warn their children about in Grania, and now four wargen princes have been sent there to strike a deal with the duke. But when they catch sight of the wild Darcy everything changes. They may dress in fine furs and gold but their feral natures persist. Instead of chasing down prey, they pursue Darcy with all the same deadly intensity.

Their world
The wargen think their union with Darcy is written in the stars but she is something far older and far stranger than any of them could ever imagine. Something both countries are going to need, because while each realm focuses their distrust on the other, they ignore a far greater danger that lies beneath. If the wargen can’t get past Darcy’s defences, they might not just lose their mate, but everything.

Author note: this is a NA fantasy romance that takes place in a fantasy realm that has nothing to do with our own.

Syn is the girl no one wanted…

And now, they’ll light the world on fire to claim her

Syn never believed in fairy tales until she met the three men who stole her from her fated mate. They may be a dark fairy tale, but every touch, every kiss, every whisper seals their bond. She now calls them her alphas…her future.

But when her past returns with a vengeance, she must defeat the monster determined to break her again.

Before the dust settles, lives will be lost. And she must find a way back to her three mates.

Even if it means sacrificing everything…

The Conclusion to the Alpha-hole Duet

I’ll do anything to get in. I’ll even become theirs.

Victor. Torsten. Cassius – the jock, the artist, the stepbrother.
The Poison Ivy Club.

They rule Stonehurst Prep with an iron fist.
If you want Harvard, Princeton, or Yale, they’ll get you in.
But they’ll take their pound of flesh first.
A deal’s a deal – you give them whatever they want, and they’ll make your dreams come true.

And they want me.
In their beds.
On their arms.
Part of their gang.

I’ll do anything to get into an Ivy League school.
I’ll lie. I’ll cheat.
I’ll get on my knees.
I’ll kill.

But those three dark princes will never have my heart.

I betrayed him…and spied on him for the enemy.

What he doesn’t know is… I was forced to do it.

Now I have to choose. My life or my heart?

So I promise myself I won’t fall for him.

It’s an impossible vow.

He’s fifteen years my senior.

Every sinful command that flies past his lips makes me crave him more.

And no matter what, he protects me—even from his family who doesn’t trust me.

If only I wasn’t living a lie.

What books do you recommend? Let us know in the comments we are always looking for more books to read.

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