Reverse Harem Daddy Romance

These daddies are alphas, overprotective, and so adorable in how they care for their sassy, bratty little ones. The characters draw you in immediately, making each book hard to put down.

Romances where multiple men fall for a courageous female that brings them together and fills their lives with love and passion. They overcome obstacles, prejudice, and conventions with their addictive stories.

Harem of Daddies by Laylah Roberts

One was a friend.
One was a former lover.
And the other was her nemesis.
Hurt, alone and out of options, they’re her last hope. And her every desire. Three gorgeous, sexy men to crave. Three alpha personalities to navigate. Three daddies to cherish and indulge her… And discipline her. Welcome to Escana, where the men are gorgeous, dominant and they like to share their women

I thought, ‘there she is. There’s my girl. And I’m never letting her go. Never again.’

Will it be rags to riches? Or fairytale to nightmare?

They were the Princes of Escana.
Seductive. Powerful. Dominant.
Her boss. Her friend. Her lover. Her protector.
Everyone wanted a piece of them. She just wanted to have their love. To be their baby girl. Their everything.
But there is someone who is determined to make sure that never happens . . . and that person just might get their way.

She’s a brat. She’s sweet. She’s naughty. She’s fun. She’s also a Little.

The shame of their youngest brother’s actions hit Ryiad, Derik, Jonan, and Trin hard. Determined to track Jeric down and bring him to justice, the last thing they expect to find is her.
Sweet. Strong. Smart.
She’s their opposite in so many ways. Yet, she needs them as much as they need her. And what she needs most of all?
Their protection.
Because trouble seems to follow her around.

This is a reverse harem book where the girl gets all the guys. So if you enjoy reading about four bossy, protective, possessive daddies then this might be the book for you.

Don’t let anyone treat you as though you’re less. You’re not. You’re a queen.

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