Real Men of Othercross Books 1-3

Title: Vampire Seduction: Paranormal Romance (Real Men of Othercross Book 1)

By: Celia Kyle


I absolutely love this story. I can’t tell how much fun I have reading any of author Celia Kyle’s books.

Fun and engaging characters to fall in love with. Friendships that are strong and power to have. Feisty, smart and strong females. Soulmates that are perfect.

I love it and need more please!


He’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit and she’s determined to get him off… in more ways than one.

The vamp life sure as hell ain’t the glam life. Just ask Alena Falkov. One day she’ll be a full-fledged attorney, but for now, she’s stuck working her fangs off at a thankless job while she attends Othercross University’s esteemed law school.

Of course she might not have the job for long if she can’t be on time, but when a vampire catches the scent of her Beloved—her one true soul mate—in the hallways of the courthouse, no one could blame her for tracking him down. Now if only he wasn’t the defendant… and by all accounts, guilty. Or is he?

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Title: Vampire Claim: Paranormal Romance (Real Men of Othercross Book 2)

By: Celia Kyle


It’s funny how no matter how old man are they always think they can make decisions for woman. They claim it’s for our best interest. They need to learn that woman are not weak and we have a right to decide what is best.

Rafe is her mate and he left her. Iris was dazzled by him and she was hurt when he left. She knows what’s important and doesn’t back down. She fascinating and going to be a wonderful mother.

This is a beautiful story of soulmates. The bond that brings them together. The love that makes them stronger. I really love this series.


The man was “Oh God I wanna have your baby” good in bed and now… well… she’s gonna have his baby and he’s nowhere in sight. 

After one passionate night, witch Iris Holloway is left with more than just the memory of the sexiest vampire she’d ever met–she’s pregnant. And the little bladder squasher inside her belly seems to take great joy in reminding her of its presence at the most inopportune moments. Like when she’s sitting in judgment over another witch in her job as an Othercross Sentinel. It’s hard to focus on justice when a gal’s gotta pee. 

It’s also hard to focus when when the baby’s vampire Master father shows up at her work after seven long months, trying to claim her as his Beloved. Ridiculous! If they were truly fated for each other, he never would have left her. The smoking hot vamp is just jealous that Iris has moved on and found a guy who will stick around for more than just one night. 


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Title: Vampire Siren: Paranormal Fae Romance (Real Men of Othercross Book 3)

By: Celia Kyle


This story is fun and entertaining. Cora is afraid to love. Her mother is driving her crazy. Deo knows she’s his mate and he doesn’t give up. He is fun and mischievous. He knows how to win her heart and finally get his lady.

This is a wonderful series. I love the characters and magical elements. I can’t wait for the next story.


Is it her siren’s song that lures the sexy vampire? Her body? Or her heart? 

As a sultry siren, Cora Murphy can have any man she wants—and her interfering mother has a long list of eager candidates suited to her daughter’s station as fae royalty. But Cora just wants to live a normal life, working at Othercross as a Sentinel and hoping one day a man will fall in love with her instead of succumbing to her mystical—and totally bogus—allure.

Of course, that can’t happen if she never lowers the glamour she uses to prevent every Tom, Dick, and Harriet from following her around like love-struck puppies. Even her best friend, Deo Nicolaides, must have been hit by her siren song, because the young vampire keeps trying to get her into bed. As tempting as that might be, Cora doesn’t dare give in to her primal desires. She’d rather die alone than live the rest of her life knowing Deo’s love isn’t true.

But what if it is?

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