Author Elias Raven

The Leather Shop
S3X Shop Series Book 18
By #EliasRaven

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My name is Christopher William Moore and I am an artist. When inspiration teases me, I quickly fall victim to her lure and work relentlessly until I’ve created a thing of beauty. Like making love, leatherwork is not rushed, it is savored. The seduction is complete when I see a blank canvas laid out on my table begging for my touch. I am like a man possessed. Through each delicate caress, each soft breath, I manipulate and form, before releasing her into all of her glory. The scent is heady, almost overpowering. Leather is my calling, my passion, some would call it an obsession.

The magic happens at my favorite place in the world; a place where I escape from the stresses of life, a place where I’m untouchable— my leather shop. The Shop is my fortress of solitude. Anyone who knows me knows this to be true, and no one would dare to upset the balance. That is until a mysterious stranger darkened the shop’s door. He came by way of referral and reputation with a request so intriguing, it instantly piqued my curiosity. When he returned, he brought with him the offer of a lifetime. A million questions ran through my mind when I said yes. Little did I know that one little project was going to change my world, forever.


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