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Title: When No One Was Listening
Series: No One Trilogy, Book One
Author: Amanda Alberson

Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling

Release Date: TBA

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What is ‘normal’ and how hard can it be?

Sloane and Sarah are a package deal, inseparable since birth, even now years after Sarah’s death. Sloane has spent most of her life crushed by the guilt of killing her twin. Doing her best to blend into the background wherever she goes, she dreams of having a normal life. Forced to return to the small town where everything went wrong, Sloane is given the chance at the life she’s always wanted.

Eric Rainer is the guy everyone wants to be, the one all the girls lust after, but he wants more. As the star running back,there’s nothing he can’t have, except the peace he once found in Sloane’s eyes. Rumor has it she’s moving back to town.While his dad warns him to stay away Eric has plans to make her his own.

Barrett Clark is the small town black sheep, with a record and a reputation there’s not much in their little Texas town he cares about except getting out. There’s nothing for him in a town run by Sheriff Rainer and his idiot son. At least not until she shows back up. What if he could be something other than what this town expects? Something better?

Three small town lives collide as they each search for something normal, something more, something better. When things spiral out of control each of them struggle to find who they’re willing to be to get what they want the most.


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