The Hometown Heartbreakers boxset is coming June 1, 2021

but heat up your kindles all this month with the cover reveals! First up is Delaney Foster and J.L. Leslie! Check out the blurbs below for each individual story! Be sure to add Hometown Heartbreakers to your TBR list! Available for pre-order on all platforms on March 8th!

Deep In Love – Delaney Foster

My ex-husband, Elliott was my first. I gave him my heart, my innocence, and nineteen years of my life in marriage. 

And he shattered it all in one night. 

Now I was 38 years old and alone for the first time in… ever. 

I went back to the last place I remember being happy…back to the girl I used to be…back to Coree Harbor. 

Day by day I was slowly beginning to live the life I knew I deserved. 

Until 29 year old Finn Douglas walked into my aunt’s kitchen one Sunday morning. Suddenly this new life that I thought I had all figured out no longer made sense. He made me feel things I never knew I could. He made me want things I know I shouldn’t have. 

Starting over was terrifying. Boundaries were fading away. Comfort zones were tested. The rumors were starting to spread. To top it all off, Elliott was back, and I needed to make a choice. Stay with Finn and defy the odds stacked against us? Or go back to a life of familiarity without him?

Coached In Love – J.L. Leslie

Logan Decker was the typical high school jock. Perfect in every single way. He had the cheerleader girlfriend, led our team to the state championship, and received a full-ride scholarship to escape Coree Harbor.

We had one summer together and whispered promises between us. Promises that I actually believed he would keep. But he didn’t.

That girlfriend turned into his wife. That scholarship turned into an NFL career. And while he escaped, I stayed behind in Coree Harbor.

Sixteen years later, Logan is back. Only instead of being the typical high school jock, he’s the typical high school coach. He’s still perfect in every single way. And this time, he’s making promises he swears he can keep.Do I play his game or keep riding the bench?


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