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The Lemon Drop Kid
By Elias Raven

Everyone should have at least
one grand adventure in their life…
~Elias Raven~

For an 8-year boy who acts as his mother’s shadow but is afraid of his own, the idea of spending the summer with strangers is more than Calvin Thompson can bear. Just venturing past the corner market stirs up anxiety and fear.

The sight of his grandparents’ car pulling in the driveway has Calvin’s heart skipping in his chest. He’s never had the kind of relationship with them you’d put in a Hallmark card. Now, Calvin must join them for a summer filled with travel and face the unknown.

As his grandparents share their plans for the journey ahead, his fears begin melting away.
Their warm smiles, big hearts, and contagious excitement turn his worry into curiosity. With a hug and a promise to write home, Calvin grabs his grandparents’ hands and takes the first step into his grand new adventure.


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