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Hell hath no fury…

I thought I was trading one evil for a lesser one. Marry a man I might eventually love, forge an alliance between his gang and my father’s, and get out from under Dad’s sadistic thumb.

Turns out my fiancé has other plans. Like slaughtering me and my entire family the night before the wedding.

I make it out alive, left with nothing but a thirst for vengeance. But if I want to crush the prick who betrayed me, I have to turn to the biggest pricks of them all.

Hot, cocky, and dangerous, Wylder Noble and his men rule Paradise Bend. Their help doesn’t come cheap. I’ve got to prove I’m strong enough to deserve it.

Whatever they throw at me, I can take it. No taunting words or scorching looks will break the wall around my heart.

They think I’m made of glass? I’m a girl of shards that can cut you to the bone.

Before this is over, someone’s going to bleed. And this time, it won’t be me.

Keep your enemies closer…

I’ve proven I can stand with the fiercest gang in Paradise Bend. Now it’s time to crush my traitor ex-fiancé and his stooges into smithereens.

They’ve already butchered my family. I can’t let them destroy the streets I called home.

Wylder Noble and his inner circle are ready to rain down their own brand of justice. Too bad they can’t seem to decide whether they’d rather kiss me or kill me.

To be fair, I’m having the same problem when it comes to these four infuriatingly hot and dangerous men.

Whichever we pick, we’d better decide fast. Because my ex isn’t pulling any punches… and the greatest threat may come from right within the Nobles’ ranks.

Heavy lies the crown…

I thought getting my revenge would give me some kind of peace. Instead it seems to have brought an even worse villain to my doorstep.

Or rather, to the Nobles’ doorstep, which the big boss of Paradise Bend’s most powerful gang is not at all happy about. I may have won over Wylder Noble and his men, but his father is another story entirely.

A brutally murderous story.

Stuck between a vicious gang king and a psychotic stalker set on total domination, I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to win this war or go down fighting. If I fall, will these men who’ve set my body on fire—and somehow worked their way into my heart—fall with me?

Not if Mercy Katz has anything to say about it.

I’m the heir to my father’s throne, and I’m going to wear the hell out of that crown as long as I’m still breathing.

Bury the hatchet… in your enemy’s heart.

I’ve reclaimed my throne, and Wylder Noble has demanded his. But war still rages all through Paradise Bend.

It turns out this war involves powers from far beyond our little county. Powers determined to bring the fighting to an end, even if that means painting the streets with blood on both sides.

We have seven days to take down my psychotic stalker and his soldiers before all our lives are forfeit.

The dangerous men who’ve won my heart and I have never faced a challenge quite like this. Most would say we’re not up to it.

But the Nobles are far from noble when it comes to tackling a threat, and Mercy Katz is no kitten. There’s nothing more lethal than a creature with claws backed into a corner.

We’ll bring our home the peace it deserves by whatever means necessary… or die trying.


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